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Melanie Guinto is a professional painter, designer, props master, photographer, and all around theatre nerd.  She is currently on tour with Sesame Street Live as the Head of Props, but has had a vast plethora of jobs in the entertainment industry including scenic painting, set design, pyrotechnic design, special effects design, prop design and maintenance of equipment.

Taking it from the top: Mel was born and raised in the exotic Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where she was the youngest in a family of dominant personalities. Growing up her life goals included: astronaut, ballerina, chemist, lawyer, and international ambassador. When she paused her dreams of Ivy Leagues and attended the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music to pursue theatre design and production, no one was really surprised. Theatre combines her want of creativity, challenging ideas, and professional team work into a Pandora’s box that is too hard to resist.

Since getting the most expensive piece of paper she has ever owned, she has gone down many different paths exploring all that the entertainment industry has to offer. Seattle was her home for a brief time, living that four jobs, ramen noodles every night, creatively fulfilling lifestyle before beginning her life on the road repainting scenery and props for a touring arena stunt show. She had the opportunity to work throughout Europe and over the course of six months made a lifetime of friends and memories.

Currently, she is continuing her nomadic lifestyle with the help of a rather large bird and a monster that loves cookies just a little too much. When not bouncing between hotels, she enjoy making schools beautiful through murals inspired by the classes and students that fill their halls. Current life goals include: working with a creative ever-growing diverse family of artists and dreamers, saving the bees, living in an apartment where she can actually paint the walls, and getting a pet to smother with love.



I am always up for more adventures and discoveries!


If anything on this site inspires you, or you need help with an idea that has been stuck in your head for months and just won’t leave you alone, drop me a line. I’d love to grab a virtual coffee and figure out how we can work towards your dreams together!



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